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  • JetFlex® Composite Surface Filler

    CM0981030 and CM0981035 are high quality two-component urethane fillers that provides performance, versatility and productivity. Sherwin-Williams’ JetFlex® Composite Surface Fillers provides resistance to film shrinkage, easy sanding, flexibility and spreadability. This product is intended for use on interior composites for aircraft and parts and meets the heat release requirements of FAA FAR 25.853. These products are ideal to fill and cover surface imperfections to create a smooth surface for topcoat applications

    • Ideal for filling and covering composite surfaces and imperfections
    • Meets the flammability requirements (heat release, smoke density and vertical burn) requirements of FAA FAR 25.853 up to 3 mils
    • Excellent sanding characteristics
    • Quick drying increases shop productivity
    • Sand on product in under 30 minutes
    • Reduces process time for topcoat preparation
    • Resistance to film shrinkage
    • Simple 4:1 mix ratio
    • Available in two colors – white and gray
    • Easy to spray, spread or brush on the composite

    CM0981035 JetFlex Composite Surface Filler - White

    CM0981030 JetFlex Composite Surface Filler - Grey

    CM0120677 Urethane Primer Hardener (Part B)