Imagine being able to cut as much as 30% from your painting process time. SKYscapes® basecoat-clearcoat paint system saves time and money, while still providing the superior appearance and durability that the aviation industry expects from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace.
Paint Planes Faster
This new system cures at ambient temperature in half the time of other single-stage paint systems. As a result, it allows MRO facilities and their paint shops to add to their bottom line with faster turnaround and adopt lean production practices.
Superior Coatings Technology
The unique two-step process features specially formulated resins that deliver richer color and higher gloss retention. All this while providing improved hiding with thinner films on bright, multi-colored schemes.
More Colors, More Ways
SKYscapes® basecoat-clearcoat provides airlines, plane owners and aircraft designers with a broad selection of color options, including custom color matching and special effect finishes.
Need Aerospace Coatings
Today, aviation coatings specifiers and painters ASK for Aerospace Coatings by Sherwin-Williams to be provided with quality coatings systems and technical support to the global commercial, military, general and business aviation markets. Sherwin-Williams is an industry leader in innovation and technology solutions with its certified products, top rated services and knowledgeable team of field technicians.
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