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  • Fill Bond™ Aerospace Putty

    Fill Bond™ Aerospace Putty is a high build filler ideal for filling seams, rivets and small spot repair areas. Fill Bond™ provides good adhesion to properly pretreated aluminum and composites. It is chrome and lead hazard free as well as free of isocyanates. It has excellent spreadability, flexibility and film build up which makes it an excellent alternative for conventional Polyester body filler

    • Designed specifically for use in the aerospace industry
    • Excellent spreadability and sandability with high film build
    • The unique cartridge application accurately admixes the product, reduces prep time and eliminates waste
    • Extremely flexible
    • Sand in 2-6 hours
    • 20 minute workable pot life
    • Sag resistant
    • VOC compliant - contains less than 2.9 lbs. of VOC per mixed gallon or 350 grams per liter
    • Designed to properly adhere to aircraft substrates such as aluminum and composites

    Fill Bond™ Aerospace Putty Epoxy Version CM0480007 EP007 and EP007S Cartridges

    CM0480007 FILL BOND™ Epoxy Putty (Part A)

    CM0120007 FILL BOND™ Epoxy Adduct (Part B)