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  • SKYscapes® General Aviation Clearcoat CM0850CC1

    SKYscapes® General Aviation Clearcoat is an aircraft grade, polyester urethane designed to be used over SKYscapes® basecoat on exterior surfaces of general aviation aircraft (i.e. Non-Skydrol aircraft). This high performance product is designed to deliver the maximum in appearance and productivity in a highgloss, durable finish that can be easily cleaned, buffed and repaired.

    • High gloss, extremely durable product
    • Designed to work over SherwinWilliams SKYscapes® or SKYscapes® General Aviation Clearcoat basecoat systems
    • Can also be used over Acry Glo® Conventional and Acry Glo® High Solids metallic colors
    • Excellent buffability
    • Fast dry times that lead to improved productivity
    • Easy to mix
    • Excellent flow and leveling
    • When used over SkyScapes® General Aviation basecoat, system has good chemical resistance to Royco 756 and is suitable for use on aircraft utilizing MIL-PRF-5606 hydraulic fluid

    CM0850CC1 SKYscapes® General Aviation Clearcoat

    CM0850CH1 SKYscapes® GA Clearcoat Hardener (Part A)