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  • Acry Glo® High Solid Clearcoat

    Acry Glo ® High Solids Clearcoat is a high performance, acrylic urethane system designed for use on aircraft. This product is intended for clear coating Acry Glo® High Solids metallic and solid color base coats. Properly applied and cured CM0830080 clearcoat has anti-graffiti resistant protective and removal qualities

    • Basecoat/ Clearcoat system
    • Exhibits outstanding gloss and gloss retention upon weathering
    • Excellent Distinctness of Image (DOI)
    • Contains less then 3.5 lbs. of VOC per mixed gallon
    • Free of lead and chromate hazards
    • Good Buffing characteristics

    CM0830080 Acry Glo High Solids Clearcoat